FREE TUTORIAL | Polymer Clay Macrame Tutorial – Pinky Style Earrings

Sep 15, 2015

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polymer clay tutorial alcohol ink micro macrame

Who wants another free macrame pattern?

“INKredible Macrame” class is all about using your polymer skills with an extra “twist” – cords and knots – creating an irresistible, original design!
It only looks complicated but in fact it is NOT!

Once you mastered 3-4 basic knots, you will be able to create your own patterns, sell them and use knotting to create findings – bails, hangers, necklace straps, bracelets & cuffs, bezel settings, clasps & closures, rings and many more – all with knots!

Less commercial – more “artistical”!

Here is the “Pinky Style” FREE INKredible Macrame class –
In this video I used the diagonal double half hitch knot along with larks head knot – Easy!
20 minutes and you have a new set of earrings!


Don’t miss the “Blue Galaxy” FREE INKredible Macrame class –
In this video I used the double half hitch knot along with larks head knot.

I have been getting wonderful feedbacks from the new “INKredible Macrame” students –

“Hi Iris,

It’s the weekend over here in Australia and I have just watched your basics macrame video.
Very clear instructions and the pace was really suited to me, like REALLY suited!
I feel like you have unlocked some otherwise inconceivable wisdom, making it very easy to digest and be inspired by.
I love your designs and I love your methods and I love your approach!!
Joyce Wong, Australia




If you’re ready for your next INKredible adventure – 

Choose between 5 options –

1. For The “INKredible 2” Pack – Polymer & Ink only, No Macrame (20 projects, PDFs, Videos & CD) – Press Here

2. For The FULL “INKredible Macrame pack (29 polymer & macrame projects, PDFs & Videos, special goodies kit and gifts) – Press Here

OR order a single set from the ‘INKredible Macrame” pack :

3. For The “INKredible Macrame – Bachelor Pack (13 polymer & macrame projects) – Press Here

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Prepare yourself for the upcoming holidays and dazzle your friends & family with original exquisite gifts!

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