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Thank you for the fantastic tutorials. Iris delivers always on content and service. Her tutorials are easy to understand and suitable both for the novice as well as experienced clayer. The photography is excellent. This way of delivering …

Cara Letho

I just cannot say enough about these tutorials. They are amazing. So clear and detailed and easy for the beginner (like me). I can’t wait to make more canes and try new things! THANK YOU!!!


Iris, I have enjoyed your tutorial very much. I have learned a lot. I highly recommend your tutorials to anyone who wants to improve their skills.

Barbara Case, USA

Great tutorials. Detailed photos, nice advice. Got the tutorials very fast after purchase, and Iris provides after sales support, which i value a lot! I am very happy with this purchase!!

Lisa Lisaki

I bought the entire Enchanted Garden Series and I LOVE IT!!!
Iris Mishly does it again. Fantastic flowers, very creative and unique.
Thank you Iris!

Patty Z., USA

I have ordered several of your tutorials. I “play” with alot of different crafts and am literally just beginning my journey into polymer clay. Your tutorials are exceptional and very clear. Can’t wait to embark on my new …


Only by chance I detected the millefiori technique in some videos on Youtube and copied some canes with a certain success. Iris´ tutorials have surpassed my expectations. They are excellently illustrated, so that I will sharpen the blade …

Horst Mayer, Germany

If you are at all hesitant about trying any of Iris Mishly’s tutorials, don’t be! They are clear and concise and very easy to follow. Worth every penny!

Leora Bennett

I can’t wait! All those tutorials and then a pendant to top that. I am so glad you offered such a bargain on your package. I think I have every tutorial you have offered. Love them all. Always …


Iris is, above all else, a true professional. She delivers her tutorials rapidly. I have never had to wait or email looking for it. It is always there in my email box. As for the content….better than any …

Ann Dantuono

Hi Iris, I have recently come across your videos and I really enjoy them all. You have a great way of slowly identifying each step and your voice is clear and easy to listen to. I have made …


i just received the PDF’s of Iris’s new Extrudinary tutorials. They look absolutely mouthwatering and as always, the explanations are just fantastic! i have about almost every of her tutorials and haven’t regretted it one second! her art …

Suzanne Baer, Switzerland

i have just finished watching the Extrudinary videos, and i am so impressed both with the caliber of teaching and the extrudinary ideas that Iris has come up with. Fantastic, I am so looking forward to playing with …


Just got my kit!!! The tutorials are so well writen, plenty of pics and just to make sure we get it you even gave us videos. Perfectly done!! Thank you so much for all the time you put into …

Diane Street

My kit arrived. I’m so happy I decided to order this. I’ve only gotten through and can’t believe my extruder could do so much. What great ideas. I am anxious to get to the other videos. I’ve already …

Janet Allen

I wanted to say how much I appreciate your enthusiasm, inventiveness and persistence. I’ve been doing polymer clay for a little over a year and I am so impressed by how much experimenting you do….. It’s very helpful …

Kate Savannah

I just watched the first video of the ceramic tutorial and I am SO happy that I ordered all 4 sets in this series! The technique is genius! I can’t wait to try it! Thank you for your …

Denise B.

My COSMIC CERAMIC Kit has just arrived!!! Amazing!!! Your videos classes are beyond my imagination.
Now it´s time to begin my work, follow your instructions!
Thank you!
Adelice A. Portugal

Adelice A.

Iris! I have purchased a few of your training disks and have found them to be absolutely delightful and informative. I just love your ideas. I recently purchase your Skyscraper tutorial kit, your Extrudinary and your Inkredible. Your …

Jamie R.

Dear Iris, Thank you so much for sending me the tutorials and the bonus material is very much appreciated as it is so hard in this part of the world to find books and information on Polymer clay.Thank …

Shannon Strez

I’m so happy I found your tutorial Cosmic Ceramic. They gave me so many new Ideas. It really taught me a lot in a short time. Thank you very much.
Greetings from Switzerland!
Iris Gaye

Iris Gaye

I received my Cosmic Ceramic package yesterday. Great Stuff!
I”ve watched the whole CD, and to see the techniques with their nuances made all the difference. Kudos to your demonstration artist! Keep your eye out for me, I”ll be …

Sandra Boyer

Hi Iris, Just letting you know that I loved the Flower Academy tutes, and hope there will be more Flower Academy tutes in the future.
Cheers! Veronica

Veronica F.

Hi Iris,
Thank you for the Cosmic Ceramic tutorials. Its really beautiful and love it. I will upload the pics after finishing some.
would love to shop more.. will come back.


I’ve just watched the skyscraper technique video, I love it I love it I love it! Can’t wait to try it!

Frederique Castiglione