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Welcome to PolyPediaOnline Express!

If you’re visiting my website, you are either enjoying your time with polymer clay as a hobby; you may have heard about polymer clay and gave it a try, or maybe you are an experienced polymer clay artist, thinking about starting your own crafting business.
What ever your reason is, you want to learn more about this material, it’s abilities, disabilities, techniques, materials and tools.
You are in the right place!

PolyPediaOnline Express Vs. Workshop/Class?

lifesavers-beads-polymer-clay-tutorial-category-copy-225x155If you would like to learn more about polymer clay, you can participate in polymer clay classes, maybe if you’re lucky enough you’ll find a course on the topic you are interested in, where you live or in a distant city.
Or, you can choose to learn at PolyPediaOnline Express, choose your own subjects, at your home, in your personal pace, when you want to learn, and get the leading tutorials online on specific techniques you are fascinated by.

PolyPediaOnline Express Vs. Books?

While books may sometimes be brief, short in pictures, limited in pages or bounded to editors restrictions, PolyPediaOnline Express digital tutorials are always detailed, informative and comprehensive to answer each and every question you may have.
No restrictions on the length of a video or the number of pages in a PDF. I will leave nothing to imagination, doubt or un-certainty!
In addition, PolyPediaOnline tutorials are always innovative, thorough and packed with endless step-by-step pictures.
More than half my classes include full length videos to guide you through the complete process from start to finish!

Exactly what are your benefits if you choose to purchase a tutorial here at PolyPediaOnline Express?

Each tutorial covers a specific subject. Prior to purchasing a tutorial you’ll understand exactly what you are about to learn. In PolyPediaOnline Express each tutorial is covering a subject, a product or a technique. It is much like an Encyclopedia.
Some subjects have “sisters & brothers” tutorials for you to choose from. For example, the “INKredible Polymer” tutorials has several different tutorials for using alcohol inks. It can be purchased separately or complete.

PolyPediaOnline Express Guarantee?

100% Money Back Guarantee – I am so confident with my products that I promise 100% money back guarantee. NO RISK on your part! If, for any reason, you are not happy with your purchase, you can ask and get a 100% refund.
Personal & Online Support – All my tutorials include a special benefit, my personal & online support.
Please email me with any question you have and I will be happy assist you in any way I can.
Unlimited Video Access – Learn & create on your own free time, at 5:00pm or 3:00am, it’s up to you. You can watch each video, again and again, unlimited number of times.
Quality Guarantee – With 120+ polymer clay tutorials written since 2009 and over 2000 students enrolled to my classes, PolyPediaOnline Express is the most comprehensive polymer clay learning source online!


When can you learn & create using PolyPediaOnline Express tutorials?

holiday-polymer-clay-tutorial-category-copyAnytime! On your own free time, at 4:00PM or 1:00AM, it’s your decision.
Whether you’re a worker by day time and polymer clay artist by evenings, a busy mom or an eager crafter.
Have a quick sneekpick or a long course, it’s your choice and preference.
Too tired to learn anything today? No worries! Do it next week, or on another day.
You didn’t quite get the last stage? Check it out again. Read it one more time, nobody will speed you up, nobody will be “moving on to the next step”, AND you are always encouraged to message me with your questions, I am online quite a lot!

hair-accessories-polymer-clay-tutorials-category-copyThe best return of your investment

The price of the tutorials is affordable so that you’ll have the ability to invest in more knowledge and begin creating in polymer clay right away. You’ll be able to get the most effective, helpful and rewarding return on your investment, at any time.

Speedy learning curve!

When you’re buying my tutorials, you are not only buying an ebook. You are buying hundreds of hours of experimentations and failures; moments of joy and moments of frustration. All the tips and tricks are offered to you on a golden platter.
and most importantly, when you buy my tutorials, you are allowing me to keep doing something I love so I can keep sharing it with you!

Still not certain that PolyPediaOnline Express online tutorials are the right training for you?

free-polymer-clay-tutorials-polypediaonline-expressRead what my students and customers said about my classes. Each and every one of them was so positive, enthusiastic and happy with their new skill, knowledge and inspiration!

Want to try one of my freebies?

Take a look at PolyPediaOnline Express free tutorials, and try my online classes, today!