The Complete “INKredible Macrame” Pack – B.A, M.A, Ph.D – 29 Micro Macrame Projects, Polymer Clay Tutorials, Alcohol Inks Techniques (eBooks+Videos)


Product Description

The “INKredible Macrame” pack include full step-by-step videos, 29 projects, demonstrating the amazing craft of Micro Macramé knotting through 3 class levels (can be purchased all together or separately):

turq-square Bachelor in Micro Macramé  – 13 Projects
turq-square Masters in Micro Macramé  – 10 Projects
turq-square Ph.D in Micro Macramé  – 6 Projects

The “INKredible Macrame” class is definitely for you if…

turq-arrow You are an artist willing to step out of the polymer clay arena and investigate innovative fashionable ideas to accompany your valuable polymer clay skills;
turq-arrow You are looking for contemporary exciting ways to create jewelry to sell;
turq-arrow You want to look over the horizon of basic, well known polymer clay;

7 great reasons why you should get the “INKredible Macrame” class today-

pink-dot In addition to learning new original alcohol inks techniques, you will be able to take each technique/bead you ever created and give it a 180 degrees twist to create an irresistible powerful art piece.

=> I gotta tell you, even beads that I didn’t like, looks amazing in macramé knotting… :)

pink-dot Tons and tons of knowledge!
You will get all the information and educational tools to create your own patterns, producing original designs – easily!
The “INKredible Macrame” is your doorstep to enter the world of knotting in the easiest, smooth and comfortable way. I will be there to guide you through all your steps or troubleshooting.

 Watch & Learn!  No more abbreviations or long textual projects descriptions!
Full-length, step-by-step videos – from the easiest to the large scale projects.

Although Micro macramé is mostly about 3-4 knots, many people are intimidated by it. In my classes I address all the steps necessary to complete a projectbreaking the learning into small segments, clear filming angles, slow motions & close-up shots, making sure all the information you need is provided to you by in-depth videos, diagrams & photos. You cannot fail!

pink-dot Sell your own original jewelry or sell your patterns!
Creating your own micro macramé patterns can be swift and quick!
There is an endless variety of knot combinations, beads shapes, color mixes, size, length, symmetrical or unsymmetrical, circular, rectangle….- infinite options are at your door step!

pink-dot Pure fun and joy
Peaceful work, repetitive knotting relaxes both mind and soul, plus you can knot everywhere! My Macrame bag is always with me where ever I go!

pink-dot Save on metal findings or jewelry accessories!
Make your own bails, hangers, necklace straps, bracelets & cuffs, bezel settings, clasps & closures, rings and many more – all with knots! Less commercial – more “artistical”!

pink-dot Put your trillion seed beads to good use!
I’m pretty sure you’ve collected an endless amount over the years (I have so many!); embed them inside your knotting for an extra sparkle and color.

What does the complete “INKredible Macrame” pack include?

arrow-purple ALL 20 “INKredible 2″ Projects!

arrow-purple 29 Micro Macrame Projects –  Each project include the alcohol ink technique, followed by the Micro Macrame knotting pattern – so you get 2 IN 1!
All 29 projects are divided into 3 levels:

Bachelor in Micro Macramé –13 video classes
13 short and simple earrings & pendants projects suitable for beginners –
A comprehensive 50 minute video covering all basic knots is included with your purchase.
[Want this set separately? Order your Bachelor degree HERE!]

Masters in Micro Macramé  – 10 video classes;
Necklaces, bracelets, earrings, pendants
[Want this set separately? Order your Masters degree HERE!]

Ph.D in Micro Macramé – 6 video classes
Necklaces, bracelets, head tiara (Large scale classes, based on basic knots)
[Want this set separately? Order your Ph.D degree HERE!]

arrow-purple 25 page PDF file explaining all about micro macramé cords, knots & tools (resources list included).

arrow-purple 3 detailed knots diagram pages which you can take with your while you knot! Micro Macramé is difficult to learn from books/text;  these diagrams plus videos will be useful instead of textual handouts.

arrow-purple BONUS Videos –
turq-dot A comprehensive 50 minute video covering all basic knots is included with your purchase.
turq-dot A comprehensive video covering techniques to create carved/grooved/sandwiched bead for macrame knotting & bezel setting.
turq-dot A video covering base sheets for alcohol inks patterns
turq-dot A bonus video on finishing your beads with resin, painting & drilling your beads;
turq-dot A bonus video on demonstrating several options to silk screens on your sheets;
turq-dot A bonus video on using adhesive stencils on your polymer clay work;

Micro macramé requires only a few supplies!
There is no need for special tools or materials – just cords and polymer clay beads!


List of Projects included with this set –

Bachelor in Micro Macrame – 13 Projects
1. 70’s Dance earrings
2. Atlantic Breeze Earrings
3. Bright Sapphire earrings
4. Amazonas Camouflage earrings
5. Citrus Cavandoli earrings
6. Copper Fiesta earrings
7. Impressionism in Purple earrings
8. Ocean Deep earrings
9. Pine Gecko earrings
10. Pink Wedding earrings
11. Winter Pixie Hat earrings
12. Sizzling Cracks pendant
13. Textile Party necklace

Masters in Micro Macrame – 10 Projects
1. Aliens Fashion necklace
2. Golden Pheasant Birdie earrings
3. Blue Octopus Tentacles necklace
4. Dot Matrix necklace
5. Let’s Play with Bubbles necklace/bracelet
6. Flamenco earrings
7. Trio Arcs necklace
8. Peacock Flower earrings & pendant
9. Pink Wedding bracelet
10. Purple Diamond earrings
11. Medal of Honour necklace  – BONUS!

Ph.D in Micro Macrame – 6 Projects
1. Flamenco bracelet
2. Bright Sapphire bracelet
3. Green Galaxy necklace
4. Holograma bracelet
5. Prom Night Head Tiara
6. Indian Princess necklace


==> Included  – 36 super detailed videos with all the steps necessary to complete your projects.
after purchase you will get links to the password protected videos.


RECOMMENDED – I have a limited amount of Micro Macrame boards for sale in the tools/supplies section.
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When purchasing PolyPediaOnline Express tutorial you will get unlimited access to the tutorial video/s. There is no limitation on the number of times you can watch the videos, but you can not download it to your hard drive. These videos are password protected and passwords will be sent to you by email along with the PDF files after completing your purchase.

Pre-requisites – Basic experience with polymer clay conditioning is helpful.

Tutorial Level – Beginner and above.

All projects includes my special benefit of 100% online support.
You can contact me with any question you have and I will assist you in any way I can.

If you wish to purchase this tutorial, please scroll up, press on “Add to Cart” Button and proceed to checkout.

Please note – all rights reserved to Iris Mishly. It is prohibited to make commercial use of the tutorial and/or it’s content. This Tutorial is for your personal use only – Please do not distribute or share it in any way.

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  1. Joyce Wong

    Hi Iris,

    It’s the weekend over here in Australia and I have just watched your Basics macrame video. Amazing! You are a very talented teacher! very clear instructions and the pace was really suited to me, like REALLY suited! I feel like you have unlocked some otherwise inconceivable wisdom, making it very easy to digest and be inspired by. I love your designs and I love your methods and I love your approach!!

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