TRANSform Your Clay – New Polymer Clay Tutorial by Iris Mishly

Sep 24, 2017


 New polymer clay tutorial by Iris Mishly
“TRANSform Your Clay”!

A Collaboration with Polymer Clay Adventure Online Retreat (PCA 2018)


A Special Edition for PCA 2018 Online Retreat:
One of 24 Best Tutorials Given By Top International Polymer Clay Artists


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JOIN the biggest ever online classroom!


More About “TRANSform Your Clay” Tutorial –

  • “TRANSform Your Clay” is a super clever, fun and unique class on how to create beads & jewelry using layering, illustrations, TRANSfers and TRANSlucent liquid clay.
  • In 4 series video tutorials you will learn a variety of illustrations and layering techniques.
  • Learn how to use wax pencils as a clay painting medium with image transfers and liquid clay.
  • Use digital technology (in computers and apps) to draw and design a final project.
  • Create 3D layering effects to achieve original and unique beads.
  • Assemble all your beautiful beads in a clever stringing design and create dazzling jewelry!


What is Polymer Clay Adventure (PCA) 2018 Online Retreat?

  • PCA 2018 is a year long (Jan-Dec 2018) online art retreat including 24 classes given by top American and International polymer clay instructors.
  • Affordable, all-inclusive price of $99 for 24 classes! ONLY $4.1 per class!
  • All skill levels.
  • High quality video classes, handouts and full diagram templates.
  • PCA 2018 will be the 4th year for the retreat!


Why should you signup?

  • Enjoy 24+ exciting polymer clay projects – ALL included!
  • Work in the comfort of your own home at your own pace.



Registration is ON!

Click the link below to view all the information, classes and payment options!


A NOTE About PCA 2018 Enrollment

When you join PCA 2018 via my link, you are supporting my art.
As an instructor, I will get a small fee for this effort from PCA 2018 administrators.
This way I can keep writing online tutorials and offer you top class polymer clay projects at a very affordable price :)

If you like my class, please use the link below –

Thank you so much for your on going support!

See you in the retreat, January 1st 2018!

Iris Mishly



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