How to transform your old hand watch into an impressive necklace?

May 13, 2016

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micro macrame knotting pattern

micro-macrame-patterns-polymer-clay-tutorial-iris-mishly-black-watchHave you ever thought of combining polymer clay, a hand watch and micro macrame cords?

In the early days we used to wear a watch to know the time. Now we have our phones…

In my recent designs I was looking for original ways to play with knotted designs and one of the ideas popped in my head was a “watch-necklace”; Something large, bold and pretty.
I started a quest looking (and “borrowing”…) friends and family vintage “drawers-stored” old hand watches and use them as a part of a long necklace design.
The final result is an impressive, unusual knotted jewel especially when upgrading the look with polymer clay beads!

Make them long, short, make them large or small, add an earring set – Everything goes!
micro-macrame-necklace-watch-iris-mishly-red-bg micro-macrame-necklace-watch-iris-mishly

micro-macrame-patterns-polymer-clay-tutorial-iris-mishly-blue-watch3 micro-macrame-patterns-polymer-clay-tutorial-iris-mishly-blue-watch2micro-macrame-patterns-polymer-clay-tutorial-iris-mishly-white-watch

Micro macrame knots and waxed cords are used to connect both pieces together while using the watch side bars (metal tubes connecting the straps) as connecting points to the different elements and cording.

Some of them had slightly different connection on the back side so I had to play with the cords until I found the trick.
It’s not perfect yet but I’ve learned a lot by trial & error! I’m sure the next one would be better!

Here is another batch of my recent polymer-macrame-pendants right out of the oven;

In these designs I am using beads with the “INKredible Polymer 2” technique using various materials over polymer clay sheets combined with alcohol inks.

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Ready to add cords to your beads? All micro macrame patterns are also on sale here –


micro-macrame-patterns-polymer-clay-tutorial-iris-mishly-brown-green5 micro-macrame-patterns-polymer-clay-tutorial-iris-mishly-brown-green2

micro-macrame-patterns-polymer-clay-tutorial-iris-mishly-d-brown4 micro-macrame-patterns-polymer-clay-tutorial-iris-mishly-d-brown1 micro-macrame-patterns-polymer-clay-tutorial-iris-mishly-green5 micro-macrame-patterns-polymer-clay-tutorial-iris-mishly-green3-copy micro-macrame-patterns-polymer-clay-tutorial-iris-mishly-black3 micro-macrame-patterns-polymer-clay-tutorial-iris-mishly-black1 micro-macrame-patterns-polymer-clay-tutorial-iris-mishly-beige4 micro-macrame-patterns-polymer-clay-tutorial-iris-mishly-red-brown3

Now go search your drawers! You may find a treasure hidden there! ?

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