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Mar 25, 2016

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polymer clay purse tutorial



It’s amazing to see how artists work in different crafts.

Victoria Ellis is working with earthen clay.
She uses a technique called bas relief which means carving or sculpture in which the figures are raised a few inches from a flat background to give a three-dimensional effect.
Soon after her design is drawn onto a paper, she starts to transfer it into the clay with a pen – tracing the image.
She uses a fountain pen and then the design is transfered directly to the clay as a print.

She uses cutting tools to slowly remove & carve out the lowest areas, but always careful not to break the surface as it is not very thick.
It’s fascinating to see how well Victoria masters the process and technique.
She uses a variety of tools, dentists tools, wooden tools – so similar to our polymer clay world.

Bas relief is a technique definitely will work with polymer clay, a beautiful inspiration.



rope-purse-sonia-small3Sonia Pinho from Portugal sent me a photo of her recent creation following my purses tutorial.

She says it all started as a game, creating a purse both from polymer clay and a braided string instead of a purse made completely with clay.
The base form was made with clay, then covered with strings (using quite a lot of glue according to her) but the result is fresh and so original!
The rest of the process was made following my “Brocade” collection purse tutorial – adding zipper and inner padding.



polymer clay purse tutorialWhat is your idea to cover a polymer clay base purse? fabric? beads? dry pasta? clay flowers?
That’s the fun about mix media!
You can use so many materials!



Polymer Clay Brocade Collection Zippered Purses Tutorial (eBook+Videos) Polymer Clay Brocade Collection Zippered Purses Tutorial (eBook+Videos)  Variation on the "Brocade Collection" Tutorial (featured in Staedtler's "CreativeWorld" Artfair, Frankfurt, Germany) Variation on the "Brocade Collection" Tutorial (featured in Cabin Fever Clay Festival Event, Maryland, USA)

Moon Rocks faux ceramic technique - Polymer clay purse

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