My polymer clay tile for the “Staedtler 50 Years FIMO World Project”

Mar 21, 2016



In the past year I made a big change in my life.

A youtube video documenting the ecological state of our one-and-only planet Earth, made me realize something is going very wrong.
I started digging inside and what I found made me look at our world in a completely different angle.


Polymer clay, inks, paints, transfers & micro macrame

But knowing is not enough.
My personal way of dealing with this insight was becoming an environmentalist and I chose a vegan life style.

If you wonder what does it means to be a “vegan” –
Vegans do not use any kind of merchandise made of or by animals for food or others, both from ecological and ethical reasons.
Sadly, the animal industry (with the “amazing human touch”) is the one responsible for most of environmental destruction (you can learn more about this subject in the documentary film “CowSpiracy”).

I chose to help the planet, the animals and my own health as well – and surprisingly – no more headaches, migraines, allergies – my medication drawer is getting smaller with every day going by.

Some vegans are considered radical but I can assure you I’m not, in fact, I was glad to discover my inner compassion & empathy to any living soul after changing my lifestyle.
Every entity seeks security, warmth and happiness – People, dogs, cows and even ants.
That being said, I was sad to discover that the beliefs I was brought up to were wrong and well manipulated by tycoons and their fortune. Things are not exactly as them seem.
My polymer clay 50 years Staedtler’s FIMO tile is representing my personal call –
“Be the change you wish to see in the world”.
A quote by Mahatma Gandhi.


Cross stitch planner is used to write the letters, then transferred into the macrame knotting

I’ve used both polymer clay and micro macramé. The polymer clay included 2 base sheets made with inks, paints, image transfers and stencils, stacked one on the other and decorated with wording.
Stars and blue for our planet, red heart for the wounded & hurt.
The macrame pattern was drawn using a cross stitch online planner and then transferred into the cords using knots and different cord colours. This technique is called “Cavandoli knotting”, resembling Tapestry designs. With this technique you can basically transfer any wording into cords (remember we did it in friendship bracelets back when we were in school?)

Yes, I know polymer clay is not a very “green” material but we can definitely use our art to send out a message to the world. We can not fix everything, but we can try doing our own small steps.

tile-50-staedtler-irismishly-polymer-clay-macrame2-400pxl“Be the change” is representing being an ambassador of compassion, empathy, kindness & peace.
No more blood, war or misery. This is my single pray before I close my eyes at night.

Like always, I am here for any questions.
Please feel free to contact me, I’d be happy to assist in any way I can. :)


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