Polymer Clay Mix & Match – Brocade Collection, Moon Rocks & Skyscraper classes in Netherlands

Oct 26, 2014

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polymer clay purse

Last weekend I had a chance to work along with a fantastic group of ladies from Holland creating Skyscraper beads and Brocade-Cosmic bags.

Moon Rocks faux ceramic technique - Polymer clay purse

Moon Rocks faux ceramic technique – Polymer clay purse

Brand new Samples were made to adjust the mixed techniques.
I named it “When Brocade Collection purses met Moon Rock beads”, including blossoms flowers and other inclusions.

It’s really remarkable how enjoyable it is to combine courses, mix supplies, “blend” techniques and develop a totally different project each and every time – chalks, paints, pastes, powders, make up, sponges, oil pastels, with only a little bit of creativity (as well as testing) everything incorporate in a fresh looking harmony!

The Dutch guild ladies had been so artistic with their Skyscraper & Cosmic Brocade bags work; Four surface effects were presented in the course and every student took her preferred method and made a handbag from it (or two, or three!).

Pris's Skyscraper Beads

Pris’s Skyscraper Beads

As always my courses are free from restrictions.
I enjoy watching my learners take an approach or a concept to their personal artistic style.
Identical supplies, instructions and steps, appears unique in any designer hand. (Don’t tell anybody but sometimes I see my students imagination and ask myself “how didn’t I consider that?!” ;)

You are welcome to lean back and check out the students art gallery by clicking on the photos below –


See you soon!

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