“Knotted Together” – Polymer Clay & Micro Macrame article & tutorial in “The Polymer Arts” Magazine

Mar 13, 2016

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polymer clay micro macrame tutorial

A while back when I started my micro macrame adventure, I got an email from Sage Bray, the editor of “The Polymer Arts” magazine looking for article writers for the upcoming issues offering polymer clay related content on different subjects.
One of the subjects was “Focals” which I thought would perfectly fit the polymer-macrame technique, after all, My polymer clay beads are used as some kind of “focals” when combining them with cords – right?
Although micro macrame and polymer clay are not a popular match, it is a perfect match in my opinion!
So I sent Sage my article suggestion and was very happy to be accepted, she was very excited about it! She even said she did macrame a while back!

In time, the name of the issue was changed to “Convergence” which definetly describes the beauty in mixing a variety of materials with polymer clay work.
It never cease to amaze me what MORE we can do with polymer – such a magical medium!

polymer clay micro macrame tutorial

“Knotted Together” – Iris Mishly’s Polymer Clay – Micro Macrame article

I’m very happy and proud to be a part of the new issue of The Polymer Arts Magazine – Spring 2016 “Convergence”, featuring a 5 pages comprehensive article on using cords, macrame & polymer together.
The article is dealing with our benefits, as polymer clay artists, creating our very own custom-made polymer clay beads while discussing all aspects of knotted patterns combined with clay beads – bead sizes, holes (drilling after/prior to baking?), thickness, shapes, surface techniques and many more. A gallery of photos are also included to demonstrate the many possibilities hidden within cords and knotting.

As a bonus you will get a photographed earring set tutorial AND…Since learning micro macrame knotting from pictures is challenging, I am offering FREE videos for you to practice and experiment – ALL included!

If you’re considering joining the macrame “wagon” – feel free to use my 10% off coupon code: type “10%OFF” on checkout
The full separate projects (or pampering kit!) are linked here –

Please feel free to share this post to someone who you may think be interested in learning more about knotting with polymer!

Happy claying!

Iris <3

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