How to Polymer Clay DiscChic Jewelry – Behind the Scenes ;)

Sep 28, 2014

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polymer clay tutorial

My polymer clay disc chic jewellery were featured in magazines, books and websites.
Their design, colour, recycled materials, diversity of compositions, patterns, and fashionable look made them quite popular.
4The DiscChic tutorial became best seller soon after published, 2 years ago.
The jewellery were created with recycled computer parts. I really found them by accident, a friend showed me some metal pieces taken apart, he wanted to throw them away for recycling, i immediately told him i will make sure they will be recycled in the most respectable way!! in my polymer clay studio! :)

After collecting them, i decided to start making jewelry out of them.
Their “bezel-like” characteristics made them perfect for making beads & being made of metal made them perfect to combine with polymer clay, plus, their “donut-like” flat shape are ideal for stringing them in fun creative ways.

Up until now I have kept my ingredients a mystery, but now, I am ready to share my little secret and will be happy to see your designs, playing with these fun findings.
Who knows, after watching this video you may find a treasure hidden in your office drawers.

discchic-polymer-clay-tutorial-jewelry-findings-iris-mishlySo what are these discs?
Well, they are metal discs hidden inside 3.25 computer floppy discs,
Yes, the ones no longer available in computers, the ones we used ages ago before CDs or USB flash drives.

How do we remove them out of the floppy disc?
Easily! by taking it apart.


Click this video to watch the process of disassembling the discs and a speedy version on how to use them in your jewellery.


Now, go get some discs, collect them from old friends still saving some, old schools, offices or computer labs
have fun!

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See you soon!

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