Fossils & Ammonites | Creating Focal Polymer Clay Beads

Aug 20, 2016


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Fossils & Ammonites | Creating Focal Polymer Clay Beads

Ammonites first appeared about 240 million years ago and were predatory, squid-like creatures that lived inside coil-shaped shells.

Did you know that a group of ammonites was called a “school” (just like fish) and that female ammonites grew up to 400% larger than males? (probably to make room to lay eggs)…

Although they went extinct with the dinosaurs 65 million years ago we can still enjoy their beautiful shape and form in our focal polymer clay beads thanks to stamps, chalk pastels, transfers and other fun techniques!

In my recent studio time I played with Tonja’s Treasures stamps along with my “Cosmic Ceramic – Round About” beads class.
They are a perfect match!

The focal beads were created in various sizes to match my future polymer-macrame jewellery. Most of them were round (which is the easiest shape to wrap with cords) and were decorated with chalk pastels and clear resin as a top shiny coat (The full technique is well explained in the PDF and video tutorial).

Want to give it a try? 
You can use any stamp you have! Yes!

Here is a link to my “INKredible Macrame” series in case you want to get your hands in macrame knotting – Only several knots and you master the whole idea!

==> A pampering “Cosmic Ceramic” kit will be sent to students ordering the complete set!

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Have fun!


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