Polymer Clay Millefiori Flower Cane Tutorial – 3D Kanzashi (eBook+Video)


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Polymer Clay Millefiori Flower Cane Tutorial – 3D Kanzashi

Learn the secrets for creating spectacular 3-dimensional polymer clay flower millefiori canes!

Millefiori flower canning is regarded as one of the most broadly used techniques in the polymer clay craft world.
The canes beauty, vivid shades as well as pleasing designs, have that “WOW” factor.

There are endless flower styles as well as plenty of techniques to design flowers, but to my opinion – polymer clay is the ideal material for creating millefiori canes flower designs.

In this handbook we will create imaginary petal designs, that are rather simple to learn and also to complete.
The lesson is a bit in an ocean of options;
Explore patterns, shades, styles & forms and prepare your own set of flower canes in all kinds of designs.

Tsumami Kanzashi are traditional Japanese folded flowers, made from small squares of silk, that are typically worn by women as hair ornaments in traditional hairstyles.

The 3D Kanzashi flower cane is imitating the fabric flower only created in polymer clay millefiori canning.
We will create the 3D Kanzashi flower millefiori cane with a deep, eye catching skinner blended petal and learn both how to assemble the cane elements and how to wrap the flower into a round cane making sure the petals are highlighted correctly inside the flower design.
All petals will be placed around a center cane (in this case a pre-made simple lace cane).
We will discuss the best ways to wrap a cane with its background to minimize distortion and maximize perfection.

Included – A 16 pages PDF file & access to password protected access to a detailed video demonstrating all steps necessary to successfully create the project.

Video length – 30 minutes.

This flower cane can be a part of a larger design, inside another cane or on beads, flat surfaces etc.
More tutorials on using your millefiori canes can be found here.

When purchasing PolyPediaOnline Express tutorial you will get unlimited access to the tutorial video/s. There is no limitation on the number of times you can watch the videos, but you can not download it to your hard drive. These videos are password protected and passwords will be sent to you by email along with the PDF files after completing your purchase.

Pre-requisites – Some previous experience with skinner blends is helpful.

Tutorial Level – Advanced beginner and above.

All projects includes my special benefit of 100% online support.
You can contact me with any question you have and I will assist you in any way I can.

** This tutorial is a part of “Festive Flora” 9 millefiori flower canes series offered in a separate listing.
For the FULL series of all 9 millefiori canes press here.

Please note – all rights reserved to Iris Mishly. It is prohibited to make commercial use of the tutorial and/or it’s content. This Tutorial is for your personal use only – Please do not distribute or share it in any way.

Have a creative day! :)

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  1. suzanne baer

    It’s finally time to thank Iris for her wonderful and very creative tutorials. i have quite a few now and it so much fun to learn from them!!! you are a very gracious person and i feel like i’m beginning to know you. thanks for your your generosity!!
    suzanne baer

    (02/07/2011 00:55:00)
  2. Wild Heart Dreams

    Thank you so very much for the beautiful tutorials, I will get working on them this coming week, your work is amazing, and I am honoured to have you for a teacher, many thanks!
    Wild Heart Dreams

    (15/05/2011 16:26:00)
  3. Heidi Wyrick

    Thank you so very much for sending me the info on the new tutorial!!! I have enjoyed every single tut that I have purchased from you!!! Unlike many others that I have purchased, yours have always been easy to understand with clear photos and instructions. I have only been working with polymer clay since Oct. of last year and your tutorials have helped my skill level improve greatly. Thank you again for sharing your knowledge with me!!

    Heidi Wyrick

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