Polymer Clay Tutorial – 15 Projects Using Clay Extruder – The Complete “Extrudinary” (eBooks+Videos)

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Polymer Clay Tutorial – 15 Projects Using Clay Extruder

15 Ways To Re-Discover Your Polymer Clay Extruder
Looking for a loyal, dedicated Sous Chef in your clay studio?
Want to get the most out of your polymer clay extruder?
Ready to EXamine, EXperiment and EXecute new, EXciting EXtruded ideas?

Best sellerThe clay extruder (sometimes referred as clay gun) is a powerful tool that acts as a major assistant in our polymer clay techniques.
This tool can help us create endless designs using its diversity of discs, shapes and designs.

Why settle for just retro canes, when there are so many other designs just waiting to be discovered and created?

Get your clay extruder up and running – Now you can upgrade your extrusion abilities and techniques to the top level and use it as your personal Sous-Chef de Cuisine assistant!

In the Extrudinary series, we will use the extruder discs to create original artwork!

In Vol. 43 – Extrudinary tutorial you will learn how to create:
4 Rivers; 4 bracelets – Create your personalized channeled and bezeled bracelets using polymer clay in any color, shape, or size. No more limitations by the ready-shaped products in the market! Fill your bracelet with various patterns and designs – cured or non-cured; Create hypnotizing geometric Millefiori patterns and use liquid polymer clay, as cane slices!

Torpedo beads – Use polymer clay in an un-traditional way to create a dazzling focal bead;
Turn your polymer clay studio into a colorful laboratory and use glass test tubes in a very revolutionary way to create “torpedo” shape beads; These torpedo beads will never miss their target!
9(!) Test tubes are INCLUDED in your KIT!

Canoe necklace – A canoe is a lightweight pointed narrow boat.
In this project we will create an unusual bold organic design using extruder discs to create canoe beads using clay and pigments;
This design is only one option in an ocean of ideas to use these beads as an elaborated necklace or as bracelet beads.

X Mix Drix tile bracelets & X Mix Drix pendant
Cross-stitch is a popular form of counted-thread embroidery used to form a picture.
In this class we will use X discs to mimic this beautiful embroidery art and learn 2 techniques to apply a faux cross stitch design on our beads and pendant;
We will create pre-channeled tile beads for easy and fast stringing, create a framed pendant, and learn to cover un-leveled and non-flat beads with clear resin and other fillings;

Included in Vol. 43 – 5 super detailed videos with all the steps necessary to complete your projects from start to finish.
Video # 1 4 Rivers ; 4 bracelets – 41 Minutes
Video # 2 – Torpedo beads – 25 minutes
Video # 3 – Canoe necklace – 10 minutes
Video # 4 – X Mix Drix tile bracelets – 34 minutes
Video # 5 – Resin video – 8 minutes

In Vol. 44 – Extrudinary tutorial you will learn how to create:

Funky loops bracelet & Tribal Embroidered wire bracelet
In this project, you will have fun with hollow extruding techniques to create polymer clay beads,
We will investigate all the necessary steps to create funky cheerful memory wire bracelets with cured, extruded, decorated and carved beads;
You will master the best technique and tools to slice your cured beads, save lots of extruding work with a special tip and form a matching earring set in 5 minutes.

Embroidered Flowers – These embroidered flowers will enlighten any project!
Learn to create chic & delicate flower beads decorated with thin embroidery stitches;
Embed a hidden channel for your threads.
Use these embroidered beads as pendants or a part of other projects.

Life Savers Beads (fabric necklace)
Rescue your inspiration with the Life Savers beads and create eye-catching mix-media beads!
Learn how to choose the discs to create these cheerful beads;
Add a fancy embroidery stitch for extra style and elegance;
Finally, learn 3 ways to use your old t-shirts as a fashionable necklace with 3 different closure solutions.

TRIO cuffs
6 cuffs? or 2?
Create 2 extravagant cuffs using extruder discs in various shapes, colors and forms. Add a strong polymer clay inner wrapping and finalize it with a fun back stringing element.

Curly beads
Discover how to make the most out of your extruder and create fun curly and stylish beads to incorporate in your polymer projects. Basic but so clever!

Included in Vol. 44 – 5 super detailed videos with all the steps necessary to complete your projects from start to finish.
Video # 1 – Funky loops bracelet & Tribal Embroidered wire bracelet – 38 Minutes
Video # 2 – Embroidered Flowers – 14 minutes
Video # 3 – Life Savers Beads – 38 minutes
Video # 4 – TRIO cuffs – 40 minutes
Video # 5 – Curly beads – 25 minutes

In Vol. 45 – Extrudinary tutorial you will learn how to create:

Pixel-MANIA – Advanced pixel canning
No more skinner blends, complex background filling or a 6th sense to copy nature’s beauty!
In this class, you will learn to build beautiful, easy and always successful millefiori pixel canes!
We will discuss how to choose your ideal disc size, image and cane size.
and look for free pixelated ideas resources.
20+ FREE gift patterns included! specially designed for you!

Mille-FIORI Extruding
In this section we will review 6 different techniques for extruding Millefiori canes that can be executed in endless variations, colors, sizes and designs;
All these wonderful geometric canes will be assembled into a tile bead bracelet; different beads patterns and veneers, resin finishing and stringing.

Art Deco bracelets and rings
Produce a graceful gem style cabochon focal bead, using simple tools;
Incorporate your focal beads on fancy bracelets – round, hexagon and triangle, and create a matching ring.
Use several edge finishing on each piece to create a trendy look.

Tangled rings
Shape simple rings out of extruded strands using various disc shapes.
These rings are very easy to accomplish, Follow several simple steps and you’ll have a new and unique ring!

Included in Vol. 45 – 4 super detailed videos with all the steps necessary to complete your projects from start to finish.
Video # 1 Pixel-MANIA – 30 Minutes
Video # 2 – Mille-FIORI extruding – 56 minutes
Video # 3 – ArtDeco bracelets and rings – 42 minutes
Video # 4 – Tangled rings – 5 minutes

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Pre-requisites – Some previous experience with polymer clay conditioning is helpful.

Tutorial Level – Beginner and above.

All projects include my special benefit of 100% online support.
You can contact me with any question you have and I will assist you in any way I can.

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