Polymer Clay Tutorial – Art Deco Bracelets and Rings – “Extrudinary” Class (eBook+Video)


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Polymer Clay Tutorial – Art Deco Bracelets and Rings – “Extrudinary” Class

The clay extruder (often called as clay gun) is actually a important device which acts as a great aid in our polymer clay techniques and studio.
This instrument can certainly help us produce many patterns & styles using it’s range of discs, shapes and designs.

Why settle for just retro canes, while there are numerous other designs waiting to be learnt and produced?

Get your clay extruder up and running – Now you can update your extrusion techniques to the very top level and work with it as your own exclusive Sous-Chef de Cuisine assistant!

► 2 Projects included –
3 Art Deco bracelets and a ring –
Produce a graceful gem style cabochon focal bead, using simple tools and liquid polymer clay;
Incorporate your focal beads on fancy bracelets – round, hexagon and triangle, and create a matching ring.
Use several edge finishing on each piece to create a trendy look.

Tangled rings –
Shape simple rings out of extruded strands using various disc shapes.
These rings are very easy to accomplish, just follow several simple steps and you’ll have a new and unique ring!
Great for children and beginners!

Included – A 36 pages PDF file & access to a detailed video demonstrating the steps necessary to successfully create the project.

Video # 1 – ArtDeco bracelets and rings – 42 minutes
Video # 2 – Tangled rings – 5 minutes

When purchasing PolyPediaOnline Express tutorial you will get unlimited access to the tutorial video/s. There is no limitation on the number of times you can watch the videos, but you can not download it to your hard drive. These videos are password protected and passwords will be sent to you by email along with the PDF files after completing your purchase.

Pre-requisites – Some previous experience with polymer clay conditioning is helpful.

Tutorial Level – Beginner and above.

All projects includes my special benefit of 100% online support.
You can contact me with any question you have and I will assist you in any way I can.

** This tutorial is a part of a 15 Extruder projects series (Extrudinary) offered in a separate listing.
For the FULL series of all 15 Extruder projects press here.

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  1. Sandra Jones, New Zealand

    i have just finished watching the Extrudinary videos, and i am so impressed both with the caliber of teaching and the extrudinary ideas that Iris has come up with. Fantastic, I am so looking forward to playing with these. Thanks heaps Iris. And have a very merry Christmas.

    (20/12/2012 03:34:00)

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