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Iris Mishly
My name is Iris Mishly and I am a polymer clay artist.

Coincidence led me to explore polymer clay in November 2004, I took one lesson, and knew it was better than anything I’d ever done before.
Captivated with the enchanting arena of color and style, I became instantly addicted.

After Fifteen years as a website designer, and 6 years as a polymer clay artist, i made the decision to search for a way to pass my polymer clay experience and PolyPediaOnline.com was founded. This website – PolyPediaOnlineExpress is PolyPediaOnline.com younger brother offering all tutorials in a shorter and affordable version.

The vision of my website is to allow you – artisans and hobbiests from all over the globe to study from my experience without getting up of your seat – Tutorials, Free content and video clips are the main focus of this site.



Would you like to know the most important time saving tips? Or you may want to become a professional, and turn your hobby to your profession?
You are invited to find out more about PolyPediaOnline Express in this page.

I’m continuously focusing on new ideas for using polymer clay, focusing on innovative and  new techniques that will inspire you and offer endless possibilities for our artwork.

I’m also educating children and adults in private classes, which find this fascinating medium their new passion.

The internet is one of the best tools for connecting and sharing ideas with other fellow artists and hobbyists.
I write a weekly blog introducing new approaches, new artists, an appealing piece of artwork or simply plain inspiration. These links are collected in my popular PolymeriOnline Blog

I am always happy to meet new people from new cultures & new countries. I am fortunate to teach polymer clay artists worldwide – UK, Germany, Switzerland, Czech Republic and United States in international events. These  amazing events proved that the desire to know, develop and master is endless where ever you are.
If you would be interested in inviting me to teach in your country, please let me know!

Brocade Collection Beads Featured in 2014 Lark Jewelry "1000 Beads" Book

Brocade Collection Beads Featured in 2014 Lark Jewelry “1000 Beads” Book

My work was featured on:
Larks Publications (500 series) – “1000 beads” & “Showcase 500 necklaces”; Cynthia Tinnaple’s Polymer Clay Daily blog, Polymer Cafe Magazine (June 2009), The Polymer Arts Magazine (November 2011), Bead Scene Magazine, Making Jewellery Magazine, Israeli Magazines, in Books (“Edle Shmuck Unikate Accessoires aus Polymer Clay” by Bettina Welker, “1000 Ideas for Creative Reuse” by Garth Jhonso, “European Polymer Clay Art“ Book by Anke Humpert & Martina Weller) as well as on Israeli Designers TV Show.

"The Polymer Arts" Magazine Cover - Brocade Collection Purses Tutorial

“The Polymer Arts” Magazine Cover – Brocade Collection Purses Tutorial

Thank you very much for stopping by!
Join the polymer clay fun!
Iris Mishly