Polymer Clay Tutorial “The Online Flower Academy” – How To Create 26 Polymer Clay Flowers Master Class Tutorial (eBooks+Videos)

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Polymer Clay Tutorial “The Online Flower Academy”

Learn how to create polymer clay flowers with the “Flower Academy Tutorial”!
The polymer clay “Flower Academy” tutorials are a world of color, beauty & emotions, creating eternal life like flowers, to be enjoyed by all flower lovers.

Best sellerWith the Flower Academy tutorial you can own any flower you want, any time you want it, in any color, size and quantity, regardless of seasons, weather and availability in flower shops!

Whether you are a beginner to polymer clay or a pro, you will find unlimited options hidden within this comprehensive master class. This tutorial will excite, challenge and enlighten you!

What will you learn in The Flower Academy master-class?
► You will learn how to create polymer clay flowers and foliage, which are durable, stay always fresh, bloom forever and have a very realistic striking life like appearance.
► You will learn our very own innovative original techniques, created especially for this class: instant flower core, dusting, BatBaking, starching, shell leafing, Instant stem creator, PC pollination, witch and clown hats, 30 seconds leaves, hand molder, starch bag, make-your-own-findings, backward techniques and many more!
► You will add new affordable tools and materials to your tool box, expanding your polymer clay design options! These tools, materials and techniques can be taken to any of your future polymer clay projects!
► You will learn to create paper thin, light weight flowers, saving time and money.
► You will learn, in our BONUS videos, how to create your own cutters in unlimited desired shapes and how to create your own flower impressions for endless designs!

► PLUS – You will receive a complete set of diagrams from our personal secret stash of flower templates.

Come! Follow Us Into The Garden!
This online Flower Academy series include:

► 26 Exquisite real life-like flowers – from the tiny Violet to the large scale Poinsettia;
► 29 easy to follow videos, 850 minutes / 14 hours of step by step content;
► 40+ Final projects: Necklaces in many variations and styles, earrings, boutonnieres and brooches, bridal hair pieces,head bands, flower crowns, hair sticks, floral bobby pins, hair combs, table center pieces, bridal bouquets, Christmas gifts and decor, bow ties, wine glass decor, mini magnets and soooo much more.
► 5 Vol. of PDF files + 3 PDFs of diagrams + 2 Technique PDFs + 1 Resources links PDF file;
► 325 pages of written instructions;
► Nearly 1000 step-by-step photos!

3 BONUS videos worth $75! – These videos will save you lots of time and money!
Bonus Video # 1 – In the “Crafty tools for crafters” you’ll learn how to easily create some of the tools & impressions we used in this tutorial, saving you the hassle, time and money, of going to the store.
Bonus Video # 2 You will learn “How to create a lovely bow tie ribbon”, just in time to decorate your wreath, Christmas gifts, cards, tree and even your snowman!
Bonus Video # 3 The “How to make your own cutters” video will teach you quickly and effortlessly, how to create your very own stable and sturdy metal cutters. From now on, you will be able to create any design and any cutter shape!
You can use our templates and diagrams to create your own flower cutters.

What’s included in The Flower Academy?

Vol. 50 – The Flower Academy

Level – Beginner and above

In this Vol. you will learn how to create 7 different flowers that can be used in endless forms, in addition to 10 final projects:

► In the “Jasmine Joy” projects we will create a unique wire-glass combined center piece, presenting the beautiful jasmine flower in 2 variations.
You will also learn how to twist your wire into vessels and add a shiny colorful glass tube to hold your beautiful flower creations.

► In the “Chipper Cherry” projects you will learn how to create a breathtaking-out of this world cherry blossom crown and hair pin, suitable for brides and birthday girls alike. We will cover interweaving techniques for a full, rich and natural look, and discuss dusting methods to create the most realistic presence.

► In the “Ray of Daisy” projects we will create a fabulous daisy jewelry set – a necklace and earrings; A radiant daisy crown, perfect for blushing brides, bridesmaids, fairy costumes, school plays and more; and last but not least, an elegant interweaved head band.
This “simple” negligible flower will transform your style to fairytale-elegance! Amazing!

►In the “Singing Sunflower” project we will create a dramatic head band fit for a true fashionista. We will teach you how to make your very own original findings to combine in any of your designs, saving you time and money! In addition, we will use dusting techniques to enhance the beauty of this dramatic flower.

► In the “1-2-3 Baby’s Breath flower” you will learn how to easily create the Gypsophila flower, a popular florists filler flower for bouquets. This flower will be joining forces with the daisy flower to form an elaborated majestic crown.

► In the “Jungle Flower” project you’ll create a cheerful earring set, combined with feathers for a funky tribal look. This set can be created in endless shapes, sizes, colors or shades and will be a wonderful base course for similar shaped flowers.

►In the fantasy “Ballroom Ballerina” project you will create the magnificent multi-layered Fuchsia flower and form it into a delicate pendent, resembling a prima ballerina! This design can be adapted to beautiful earrings, crowns and more.

7 videos included –
Video # 1 “Jasmine Joy” – 30 Minutes
Video # 2 – “Chipper Cherry” – 30 Minutes
Video # 3 – “Ray of Daisy” – 32 Minutes
Video # 4 “Singing Sunflower” – 22 Minutes
Video # 5 – “1-2-3 baby’s breath flower” – 9 Minutes
Video # 6 – “Jungle Flower” – 19 Minutes
Video # 7 – “Ballroom Ballerina”- 20 Minutes

Vol. 51 – The Flower Academy

Level – Beginner and above
In this Vol. you will learn how to create 6 different flowers that can be used in endless forms, in addition to 7 final projects:

► The Garden family – “Narcissus, Violet and Rose” projects will be a fun journey into the miniature magnets world. Create 3 super cute fridge magnets or brooches with your favorite flowers! Each pot is designed to keep your flowers fresh and everlasting!

► In the “Tipping Tulips” project you will learn all about petals, sepals and tepals forming a beautiful skinner blended flower. We will create a light weight center using our new original “Instant Flower Core” technique, to design a majestic tulip flower, 100% realistic looking.

►In the “Heavenly Hibiscus” project you will learn how to create large, conspicuous, trumpet-shaped petals in a classic striking vibrant red. We will learn how to form a stylish flower with endless anthers and stigma pads. It may sound complicated but surprisingly, it’s quite simple!

► “Calla, The White Goddess” project will conclude this Vol. of flowers. This impressive majestic looking flower deserves it’s title. Use your Calla lilies in a wide variety of options: as a part of a flower bouquet, as a center piece on your table, as an earring set or as hair sticks in various colors and sizes!

4 videos included –
Video # 1 “Narcissus, Violet and Rose” – 44 Minutes
Video # 2 – “Tipping Tulips”- 40 Minutes
Video # 3 – “Heavenly Hibiscus”- 30 Minutes
Video # 4 “Calla, The White Goddess” – 38 Minutes

Vol. 52 – The Flower Academy – Christmas and more!

Level – Beginner and above
In this Vol. you will learn how to create 5 different flowers and 8 final projects:
This Vol. will get you into the holiday spirit!
Looking for ideas for your Christmas wreath? Create it once and keep for years to come!

►The “Poinsettia Splendor” flower will be a wonderful addition to your Christmas decorations: combine it in your wreath, on your dinner table, or on your tree. In this project we will create a large scale flower including special techniques for shaping and stabilizing heavy petals and leaves.

►The “Holly by Jolly!” project will demonstrate the process of making the holly leaves and berries, using the double sided leaves technique and special coloring effects. No one will ever know it’s not the real deal!

►Did you know that the Mistletoe, might extinct within 20 years?
In the “Mistletoe Moments” project you will master the interweaving process of both berries and leaves, and enjoy endless mistletoe moments! (And branches, of course!) Brighten up your house with an early Christmas cheer! This is a special bonus tutorial, a full step-by-step handout is included in your PDF file.

► “Lily, Queen of the Valley” light and airy design will be a sure hit and a perfect match for any stylish grooms suit jacket; bride or bridesmaid hair. This project includes all how-to instructions for the leaf, flowers and buds.

►In the “My Dear, Hydrangea” project you will learn how to create large round flower ball bouquets, resembling pom-poms. This flower can be used as a central piece bouquet, a boutonniere or on bobby pins.

5 videos included –
Video # 1 “Poinsettia Splendor” – 40 Minutes
Video # 2 “Holly by Jolly” – 18 Minutes
Video # 3 – “Mistletoe Moments” (bonus christmas video) – 20 Minutes
Video # 4 – “Lily, Queen of the Valley”- 35 Minutes
Video # 5 “My Dear, Hydrangea” – 23 Minutes

Vol. 53 – The Flower Academy – The Royal Sisterhood

Level – Intermediate
In this Vol. you will learn how to create 3 of the most popular and exciting large scale flowers, these flowers are sure to attract attention from all viewers. In addition we will create 9 final projects:

►To begin our honorable ceremony we will start with the “Picture-Perfect Peony” flower which can be created in 2 models – solid color or skinner blended. In this lesson we will learn how to form a striped skinner blend and create a complete flower using this blend. The final flower can be used as a part of a bridal bouquet, as a center piece on your dinner table, or, as a gift for your bridesmaids. We will learn how to use the “BatBaking” technique for perfect results.

►In the “Royal Rose” project we will learn how to create the most popular and classic flower in the world – The rose.
We will cover 2 techniques for creating a rose bud and 2 additional techniques to create a complete rose – one that is suitable for bouquets and one using a wireless technique for creating striking large scale jewelry pieces. We will also learn how to create a lightweight “Instant Flower Core” using our new original technique which will save weight, time, polymer clay as well as money.
Instructions for stringing and transforming the roses into necklaces are included as well.

►In “The Dazzling Dahlia” project you will learn how to create a multi petals flower to be used as an irresistible hair piece, pendant or a necklace. In this project we will deal with the issues of creating a large scale flower holding many petals; we will use a weight-saving technique for the flower core and ordinary tools and materials to get extra ordinary results.

5 videos included –
Video # 1 “-Perfect Peony” – 55 Minutes
Video # 2 – “Royal Rose – Classic Rose” – 5 Minutes
Video # 3 – “Royal Rose – Wireless Rose” – 40 Minutes
Video # 4 ” The Dazzling Dahlia ” – 43 Minutes
Video # 5 ” Instant Flower Core technique” – 7 Minutes

Vol. 54 – The Flower Academy

Level – Beginner and above
In this Vol. you will learn how to create 4 different flowers and 6 final projects:

►In the “Anemone on My Mind” project we will create a multi stamen flower, we will learn how to change our stamen’s color in a quick and easy method, how to create a unique anemone blend, how to maintain our flower’s shape while baking and use this flower on various jewelry projects such as Bolo ties, pendants and chocker necklaces.

►In the “Fabulous Frangipani” (AKA Plumeria or Hawaiian flower) project you will learn how to create a beautiful yet sophisticated flower using a special spiral technique.
This popular flower, can be used in numerous final designs such as earrings, pendants and bobby pins.

►Let’s raise a toast with “A Goblet fit for a King”! In the goblet project we will decorate a fancy wine glass to be used on your special occasions, perfect for Christmas, weddings and romantic dinners! The project include special tips for covering glass with polymer clay, so you can create a complete set of these unique and magnificent goblets!

►In the “Longing for Lily” project you will learn how to create the spectacular lilium flower, we will learn how to color our petals to create gradient shades (without using a skinner blend), how to build the flower center, called “Style”, and stamens, and how to interweave them all together to produce a long loved fabulous flower. This striking flower can be used as a single flower to decorate your table or as a part of a large bouquet.

4 videos included –
Video # 1 ” Anemone on My Mind ” – 40 Minutes
Video # 2 – ” Fabulous Frangipani “- 17 Minutes
Video # 3 – ” A Goblet fit for a King “- 20 Minutes
Video # 4 ” Longing for Lily ” – 1 hour, 14 Minutes

When purchasing PolyPediaOnline Express tutorial you will get unlimited access to the tutorial video/s. There is no limitation on the number of times you can watch the videos, but you can not download it to your hard drive. These videos are password protected and passwords will be sent to you by email along with the PDF files after completing your purchase.

Pre-requisites – Some previous experience with polymer clay conditioning is helpful.

Tutorial Level – Beginner-Advanced (depending on project).

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