Polymer Clay Projects Tutorials – The Complete 6 “Mosquito Pack” (eBooks+Videos+USB)


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Polymer Clay Projects Tutorials – The Complete 6 “Mosquito Pack”

Ever wondered if it’s possible to create narrow polymer clay beads which are solid, long lasting, elastic and light weight?
Best sellerThe “Mosquito Technique” necklace was featured on PolymerCAFE magazine, in books and websites and was an instant HIT!
The “Mosquito Pack” holds the most comprehensive and detailed tutorials on combining polymer clay with a metal mesh, both as a decorating element and as a strong base for your polymer clay designs.

This technique will help you create innovative and unique looking beads & forms using a simple, easy to use and affordable mosquito net.
This is a new opportunity to create very strong beads, in all form/in flat and curled forms, flexible shaping and lightweight designs.

6 Tutorials Included –
► How to create strong and durable designs and beads using the mosquito mesh – The original mosquito necklace technique was published in PolymerCAFE Magazine.
► How to create a High-tech pixel frame brooch using the mosquito mesh (video)
► How to create polymer clay metal mesh sculpted flowers (video)
► How to create the mystifying floral brooch: A trendy floral design made with domed hollow beads, decorated with canes, textures, paints, and crayons, and placed around a round-shaped mesh.
► How to create a geometric mosquito necklace with colorful flat beads in a special layered technique and use the mesh both as a reinforcement and a decorative element.
► How to create an elegant mesh bracelet with double-layered clay sheets and cut-out shapes.

What will you learn in the Mosquito Pack Tutorials?
► Use traditional & affordable materials to build sophisticated un-traditional designs
► Build a solid foundation for a thin piece and create a durable and strong form that will survive occasional falls or mild bending.
► In addition to the mosquito technique itself I cover additional sub-techniques to create the shown designs – hollow domed forms, sandwiching, pixel painting, see-through technique, layering, and free-form sculpturing.
► Recycle found objects into mixed media designs. Use any metal mesh you have!
► Upgrade your art with a metal mesh to create a perfect match of polymer clay and metal designs.

Tutorials Videos
A special addition to this tutorial –
► High-tech Pixel Frame Brooch – ~10 minutes
► Polymer Clay Metal Mesh Sculpted Flowers – ~17 minutes

Included – PDF files & detailed password-protected videos.

When purchasing PolyPediaOnline Express tutorial you will get unlimited access to the tutorial video/s. There is no limitation on the number of times you can watch the videos, but you can not download it to your hard drive. These videos are password protected and passwords will be sent to you by email along with the PDF files after completing your purchase.

Pre-requisites – Some previous experience with polymer clay is helpful.

Tutorial Level – Advanced beginner and above.

All projects include my special benefit of 100% online support.
You can contact me with any question you have and I will assist you in any way I can.

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Please note – all rights reserved to Iris Mishly. It is prohibited to make commercial use of the tutorial and/or it’s content. This Tutorial is for your personal use only – Please do not distribute or share it in any way.

Have a creative day! :)

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  1. rima zabaneh, Dubai

    i am simpley speachless..
    i live in dubai, and unfortunatly the package for a reason or other can not be shipped to my location
    but Iris with her sweetness had simply helped me by sending me the files and the videos online password.
    thank you iris
    thank you dear
    you are the best and your work is more thank wonderfull

    thank you again
    rima zabaneh
    (28/12/2012 09:51:00)

  2. Anne / Houston, Tx. USA

    Leigh Anne (Etsy)
    (22/08/2011 16:34:00)

    I’m a retired professional and now a novice Polymer Clay hobbyist but I judge my purchased tutorials as if I were still working and Iris Mishly receives an A+++ from me. All 6 tutorials are well presented from subject detail, user guidance and insired creativity. The package didn’t take long to arrive from Israel and she took the time to include a nice note to me personally. What a wonderful time I’m going to have working from her teaching into my own particular ideas she inspires. Thank you Iris and best wishes for your business. Leigh Anne / Houston, Tx. USA

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