Basic Micro Macrame knots | Combining polymer clay and micro macrame | “INKredible Macrame” tutorial

polymer clay tutorial alcohol ink micro macrameI have always loved mix media art, especially when combined with polymer clay.

Macrame was popular in the 70s to create bags, wall décor, plant hangers and many more.
Micro Macrame is a more delicate and refined version of the 70s macramé using a smaller diameter of cord and beads.

Tie one cord to another and make a knot.
This is the basis of macramé.
We are all doing this every day in our daily routines.

No need for special tools or materials – cords, and beads!

Micro Macramé may appear complicated at first but actually, once you understood 3-4 basic macramé knots, you will see how these can create any pattern you can imagine.


INKredible-Macrame-Polymer-Clay-Tutorial-IrisMishly-prom-night1Polymer clay and micro macrame are a perfect match!
Use your favourite beads in your preferred techniques and accessorise it with impressive micro macramé knotting!


Ready to learn start knotting?

Join me to a 50 minutes video demonstrating almost all basic micro macrame knots!

Here are some of the knots included in the video:
Square Knot (SK)
Mounting Knot / Larks Head Knot (LHK)
Double Half Hitch (DHH)
Vertical Double Half Hitch (VDHH)
Diagonal Double Half Hitch (DDHH)
Creating a closure to bracelets
and many more!

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