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polymer clay tutorial alcohol ink micro macrame giveaway

We have a winner of the students micro macrame giveaway handmade bracelet! Rita Hammock​! Congratulations! You are the winner of a fancy new micro macrame bracelet made especially as a gift to one of my students :)

The bracelet was made using Linhasita wax cords and a focal polymer clay bead made with the “INKredible Polymer 2” alcohol inks technique. The bead was carved with a central channel for easy threading of all cords around it. Each side of the strap is different to create unique, fashionable appearence – You can play with your design to make it real one-of-a-kind :)

Thank you all B.A, M.A and Ph.D students who joined the Polymer Clay –  Micro Macrame adventure, you are about to enter a new world of joy! The new class is available at www.polypediaonlineexpress.com shop.

Thank you all participants of the giveaway!

See you soon!

polymer clay tutorial alcohol ink micro macrameWho wants another free macrame pattern?

————————- “INKredible Macrame” class is all about using your polymer skills with an extra “twist” – cords and knots – creating an irresistible, original design! It only looks complicated but in fact it is NOT!

Once you mastered 3-4 basic knots, you will be able to create your own patterns, sell them and use knotting to create findings – bails, hangers, necklace straps, bracelets & cuffs, bezel settings, clasps & closures, rings and many more – all with knots!

Less commercial – more “artistical”!

Here is the “Pinky Style” FREE INKredible Macrame class – In this video I used the diagonal double half hitch knot along with larks head knot – Easy! 20 minutes and you have a new set of earrings!


Don’t miss the “Blue Galaxy” FREE INKredible Macrame class – In this video I used the double half hitch knot along with larks head knot.

I have been getting wonderful feedbacks from the new “INKredible Macrame” students –

“Hi Iris,

It’s the weekend over here in Australia and I have just watched your basics macrame video. Amazing! Very clear instructions and the pace was really suited to me, like REALLY suited! I feel like you have unlocked some otherwise inconceivable wisdom, making it very easy to digest and be inspired by. I love your designs and I love your methods and I love your approach!! Joyce Wong, Australia




If you’re ready for your next INKredible adventure – 

Choose between 5 options –

1. For The “INKredible 2” Pack – Polymer & Ink only, No Macrame (20 projects, PDFs, Videos & CD) – Press Here

2. For The FULL “INKredible Macrame pack (29 polymer & macrame projects, PDFs & Videos, special goodies kit and gifts) – Press Here

OR order a single set from the ‘INKredible Macrame” pack :

3. For The “INKredible Macrame – Bachelor Pack (13 polymer & macrame projects) – Press Here

4. For The “INKredible Macrame – Masters Pack (10 polymer & macrame projects) – Press Here

5. For The “INKredible Macrame – Ph.D Pack (6 polymer & macrame projects) – Press Here

Prepare yourself for the upcoming holidays and dazzle your friends & family with original exquisite gifts!


JOIN the INKredibles!

polymer clay tutorial alcohol ink micro macrame

Congratulations Rebecca Chisenhall! You are the winner of the “guessing game“!




Thank you all for your wonderful comments! It was so interesting reading them all; So original and different one from another!

Some of you thought the new class is an “A-Z polymer encyclopedia”, some thought extruded projects, some “original polymer beads using lots of different techniques”, threads, mix media, transfers and…Macrame!

Yes! Most of you were close! Mix Media, threads, different techniques, transfers – ALL INCLUDED! 


My new class is all about new alcohol inks techniques, polymer clay beads & micro macrame knotting!


Here is a sneak peek on a quick and easy micro macrame project,  a FREEbie “Blue Galaxy” tutorial demonstrating an earrings project made of a polymer clay bead, metal findings and wax cords.

Although Micro macramé is mostly about 3-4 knots, many people are intimidated by it.

BUT! With good guidance you will succeed!

In my classes I address all the steps necessary to complete a project, breaking the learning into small segments, clear filming angles, slow motions & close-up shots, making sure all the information you need is provided to you!

The formal class announcement will be sent to your email tomorrow so make sure you check your inbox –

Lot’s of gifts, giveaways and goodies are on their way to you! BUT…Gifts stock is limited! Don’t miss it! 

Enjoy this short and fun video & if you have cords nearby, give it a try!

Ready for your own INKredible adventure? JOIN the INKredibles with endless creative projects to inspire you! http://www.polypediaonlineexpress.com/inkredible2-inkredible-macrame-polymer-clay-tutorials/ Iris.

polymer clay tutorial alcohol ink micro macrame

Hello Everyone! It’s so good to be back ☺

For the past year I have been exploring new methods to upgrade our polymer clay work, give it a twist up.

Many of you asked me in my last tutorial survey, for new ways to embed polymer clay beads and to create something new and exciting.

The time has come!  I am happy to announce my new polymer clay class, which will be offered in the next few days. After working (for almost 9 months!) I have created over 60 videos and 50 projects, my “baby” is almost here! Just few final pushes and it will be out ;)

Curious to know what it is all about? You’re welcomed to join the guessing game here and offer your best guess!

One of you will be the winner of a free polymer clay tutorial project of your choice!

There are a lot more to come! Freebies, gifts and endless surprises, stay tuned!

Join the guessing @ PolyPediaOnlineExpress LEAVE YOUR COMMENT BELOW – 

1. Choose your guess in the comments section below (psssstt… you can peek and see what others wrote…)

2. Write your email in your response, I want to know who to send the free class!

3. If you want to share this blog post with your Facebook friends and twitter followers you will double your chances! Press on the relevant icon on the bottom/top of this post to share, or “copy & paste” the post link (don’t forget to let know in your comment where you shared it)


A random winner will be announced here, in the Express Blog. Make sure you come back to find out if you won or Join the mailing list to be notified when the new class is announced!

That’s it! You’re done!

A new polymer clay tutorial?

polymer clay tutorial alcohol ink

I had the honour of being one of the instructors in this year Orlando Fandango 2015 – Polymer Clay Retreat hosted in Lake Yale Baptist Conference center in Leesburg, Florida.

Although I’m still in my jet-lag phase, I wanted to share some of the photos of this wonderful event.

My INKredible class was chosen by last year 2014 Fandango participants as one of the 3 classes to be taught in 2015. When I was notified about my selection I quickly sat down and started thinking of new ways to use alcohol inks with polymer clay in all it’s 3 forms – cured, un-cured and liquid.

Many of the students already purchased my INKredible online class, so I wanted to bring a new angle to this amazing material, challenging myself and my students, experimenting with new surface techniques.

Like you, there are many materials we know now, that I didn’t know a while ago, back when I published my ink class, at 2012. Now, after testing new materials, I could bring my “old” knowledge into a new field and it was an inspirational experience, pure joy!

You probably saw my earrings post published several weeks ago, all my endless experiments were translated into small earring sample (to save on the suitcase weight!) and each showed a new surface design using known materials in different, new ways.

I am happy to say that the feedback from the students was heart warming. Each had her own interpretation of the technique – colours, patterns, textures, design – a colourful celebration.


I want first to thank the Orlando polymer clay guild for inviting me to this well organized, peaceful colorful event! It was a pleasure! Thank you dear students for choosing me and my class and giving me this wonderful opportunity to visit Florida (this time not on roller coasters!) and touring your large beautiful country! I had my other half joining me to a great vacation at the keys and NYC! Thank you Polyform for your generous donation of clay, textures, liquid clay, gloss, findings and so much more! You spoiled us well! Thank you Eugena Topina and Lindly Haunani, my colleague instructors for the lovely company and smiles :)

I hope to meet you all again!

#gallery-1 { margin: auto; } #gallery-1 .gallery-item { float: left; margin-top: 10px; text-align: center; width: 33%; } #gallery-1 img { border: 2px solid #cfcfcf; } #gallery-1 .gallery-caption { margin-left: 0; } /* see gallery_shortcode() in wp-includes/media.php */ Goodie Bag! The beautiful Baptist conference center, Leesburg, Florida The beautiful Baptist conference center, Leesburg, Florida The beautiful Baptist conference center, Leesburg, Florida The beautiful Baptist conference center, Leesburg, Florida The beautiful Baptist conference center, Leesburg, Florida The beautiful Baptist conference center, Leesburg, Florida Nita is handling the ovens! Captain heat! Students in class Students in class Demoing… Students in class Students in class Students in class Students in class Students in class Demoing Extruder secrets… Students in class Crazy Nancy Terry with her new necklace Students work Students work Students work Students work Earrings class samples Along with Eugena and Lindly Raising our gifts! Tea mugs Students work Students work Students work On my way to Key West On my way to Key West Everglades NYV NYC NYC Key West With my sweet other half
polymer clay tutorial alcohol ink

I am getting ready for a new class with new 2015 INKredible alcohol inks and polymer samples.

It was a fun adventure going back to my known alcohol inks techniques, with new knowledge I acquired during the years (INKredible was first released on 2012!).

It was a game of mix and match, adding new materials used in my newer tutorials while being loyal to the inks and previous class. I think this will be a good start for a new INKredible II class!

Coming to my class? Take a peek before starting our journey together.

If you cannot come to my class you are welcome to check the online version here – http://www.polypediaonlineexpress.com/product/complete-inkredible-alcohol-inks-polymer-clay-tutorials-ebookvideocd/

polymer clay tutorial polyform sculpey

New FREE polymer clay tutorial – “Billowed-Screened” technique project! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ As a part of Polyform company contributing online artists team, I was requested to share a fun technique to be published online. The only request was: “Please use Sculpey III clay.”

Being a newbie with this brand of clay (never touched it before) I immediately started playing with it, checking its characteristics.

Silk screens are also new to me. Ever since I got my sample kit from Polyform my fingers were tickling to try them out.

After several tries, a new project was born combining both – silk screens are Sculpey III clay. A decorative utensil holder.

This project can be adapted into endless other uses – other holders (studio tools, makeup brushes) or even large statement jewelry such as bracelets!

Click here to follow the tutorial on Sculpey.com page – http://www.sculpey.com/project/sculpey-iii-billowing-technique-utensil-holders-2/ Greece teaching – October 2015 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

I am happy to offer 2 half days classes in the polymer clay retreat “Meraki in Mani”, taking place in Stoupa, Greece, organized by Ms. Lee O’Connor.

The five day retreat will take place on October 5-9, 2015.

The aim of this retreat is working together doing what we all love, sharing knowledge, techniques and inspiration and having some new material and tools to try out as well as having time off to explore and enjoy the area.

I will be giving 2 half day workshops on Tuesday– Wednesday, October 6-7th ,2015 – The “Cosmic Ceramic” faux ceramics technique & “The Brocade Collection” purses class.

All the details about my workshops can be found in the following link – http://www.polypediaonlineexpress.com/polymer-clay-retreat-greece-october-2015-iris-mishly-workshops/ → Read more

polymer clay purse

Last weekend I had a chance to work along with a fantastic group of ladies from Holland creating Skyscraper beads and Brocade-Cosmic bags.

Moon Rocks faux ceramic technique – Polymer clay purse

Brand new Samples were made to adjust the mixed techniques. I named it “When Brocade Collection purses met Moon Rock beads”, including blossoms flowers and other inclusions.

It’s really remarkable how enjoyable it is to combine courses, mix supplies, “blend” techniques and develop a totally different project each and every time – chalks, paints, pastes, powders, make up, sponges, oil pastels, with only a little bit of creativity (as well as testing) everything incorporate in a fresh looking harmony!

The Dutch guild ladies had been so artistic with their Skyscraper & Cosmic Brocade bags work; Four surface effects were presented in the course and every student took her preferred method and made a handbag from it (or two, or three!).

Pris’s Skyscraper Beads

As always my courses are free from restrictions. I enjoy watching my learners take an approach or a concept to their personal artistic style. Identical supplies, instructions and steps, appears unique in any designer hand. (Don’t tell anybody but sometimes I see my students imagination and ask myself “how didn’t I consider that?!” ;)

You are welcome to lean back and check out the students art gallery by clicking on the photos below –


#gallery-2 { margin: auto; } #gallery-2 .gallery-item { float: left; margin-top: 10px; text-align: center; width: 33%; } #gallery-2 img { border: 2px solid #cfcfcf; } #gallery-2 .gallery-caption { margin-left: 0; } /* see gallery_shortcode() in wp-includes/media.php */ Moon Rocks faux ceramic technique – Polymer clay purse Moon Rocks faux ceramic technique – Polymer clay purse Moon Rocks faux ceramic technique – Polymer clay purse Moon Rocks faux ceramic technique – Polymer clay purse Moon Rocks faux ceramic technique – Polymer clay purse Moon Rocks faux ceramic technique – Polymer clay purse Moon Rocks faux ceramic technique – Polymer clay purse Moon Rocks faux ceramic technique – Polymer clay purse Moon Rocks faux ceramic technique – Polymer clay purse Moon Rocks faux ceramic technique – Polymer clay purse Moon Rocks faux ceramic technique – Polymer clay purse Moon Rocks faux ceramic technique – Polymer clay purse Moon Rocks faux ceramic technique – Polymer clay purse Moon Rocks faux ceramic technique – Polymer clay purse Skyscraper Beads – Made by Dutch Polymer Clay Ladies during a workshop Alexa’s Skyscraper Beads Moon Rock Beads & Purses – Made by Dutch Polymer Clay Ladies during a workshop Moon Rock Beads – Made by Dutch Polymer Clay Ladies during a workshop Rian’s Skyscraper Beads Moon Rock Beads – Made by Dutch Polymer Clay Ladies during a workshop Pris’s Skyscraper Beads Alexa’s Skyscraper Beads Pris’s Skyscraper Beads Pris’s Skyscraper Beads Moon Rock Beads – Made by Dutch Polymer Clay Ladies during a workshop

See you soon!

polymer clay tutorial

My polymer clay disc chic jewellery were featured in magazines, books and websites. Their design, colour, recycled materials, diversity of compositions, patterns, and fashionable look made them quite popular. The DiscChic tutorial became best seller soon after published, 2 years ago. The jewellery were created with recycled computer parts. I really found them by accident, a friend showed me some metal pieces taken apart, he wanted to throw them away for recycling, i immediately told him i will make sure they will be recycled in the most respectable way!! in my polymer clay studio! :)

After collecting them, i decided to start making jewelry out of them. Their “bezel-like” characteristics made them perfect for making beads & being made of metal made them perfect to combine with polymer clay, plus, their “donut-like” flat shape are ideal for stringing them in fun creative ways.

Up until now I have kept my ingredients a mystery, but now, I am ready to share my little secret and will be happy to see your designs, playing with these fun findings. Who knows, after watching this video you may find a treasure hidden in your office drawers.

So what are these discs? Well, they are metal discs hidden inside 3.25 computer floppy discs, Yes, the ones no longer available in computers, the ones we used ages ago before CDs or USB flash drives.

How do we remove them out of the floppy disc? Easily! by taking it apart.


Click this video to watch the process of disassembling the discs and a speedy version on how to use them in your jewellery.


Now, go get some discs, collect them from old friends still saving some, old schools, offices or computer labs have fun!

Don’t forget to visit PolyPediaOnlinExpress shop for 120+ tutorials, tools and materials, You’re welcome to use 10%OFF coupon code for extra discount – type 10%OFF on checkout!

See you soon! Iris.

iris mishly polymer clay class in netherlands

PolyPediaOnline News | Netherlands 2 days Polymer Clay Workshops, New Tools Sets & Polymer Clay Summer sale!

July is the official beginning of the summer and the heat is on. Heat has a tendency to keep me away from my studio (clay is not behaving nicely in hot weather…) but I am in the middle of creating several new projects so the air condition is in full speed again…

Just before I take a short vacation break with family and friends in Thailand, I wanted to let you know of several important dates and events.



I am excited and happy to announce that I will be teaching 2 days workshops in Rotterdam, Netherlands, on October 11-12, 2014.

The 2 classes will be a wonderful combination of my 3 leading classes: The Brocade Collection purses, Moon Rocks beads (Cosmic Ceramic) and my Skyscraper technique.

After registration was opened to the Dutch polymer clay guild members, most spots were taken, BUT! – There are last 4 places in the Moon Rocks class and few places in the Skyscraper class.

If you’d like to join us for two days of great technique and lots of fun spending time with fellow PC enthusisasts, hurry up and enlist to ensure your place! http://www.dutchpolymerartguild.nl/irismishly.html

The registration page is in dutch but you can use Google translator as an assistant.


Special Flower Academy sale including new modelling tools set, Foam pads and my favorite ball tools!

With wedding season in its peek, this is the perfect time to create a bridal bouquet, a boutonniere or fabulous hair pieces for your friends and family that are getting married. How about a lovely broach, to give as a gift to the brides maids!

Just pick your favorite flower!

There are 26 flower tutorials available in the “Flower Academy“, now separated into single classes – PDFs and videos.


To ensure that you won’t have to look for tools and materials, they are now all gathered in the PolyPediaOnline Express tool store.

After many online queries and searches, I finally found the ultimate tool set covering most of your needs and requirements – sculpting, rounding, shaping, frilling, cutting, engraving, attaching, securing, connecting, creating patterns textures, compositions, and many more!

Add simple and creative details to enhance your flowers or designs!

These modelling tools are ideal for use with a wide range of materials including polymer clay, sugarpaste and other craft clays.

The set is fully compatible with polymer clay.


♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

The 2nd “must” tool for your polymer clay flowers, now available in PolyPediaOnline Express tools store is the one-and-only foampad!

The perfect surface for your polymer clay flower modelling to create soft and natural curves using ball tools and other modelling tools.

The pad is reusable, durable, can be cleaned easily with a baby wipe, has a smooth surface and it is lightweight!


♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

Don’t forget your complete ball tools set – 4 double sided metal ball tools for beautiful effects of frilling, stretching, rounding, thinning, creating indents, curving, concaving, creating special patterns, enhancing and creating special effects in your clay.

Now available for a discounted price!

http://www.polypediaonlineexpress.com/product/4-modelling-ball-tools-set-double-sided-polymer-clay/ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

Iris, How do I purchase all of the above?

♥ Click here to see all “Flower Academy” flowers, ♥ Pick your favorite, ♥ Add to cart with the useful tools and materials and they will be directly on their way to you!

Don’t forget your Instant online access to all PDFs and videos only on PolyPediaOnline Express! When purchasing a complete class, kit and CD will be sent within 1-2 days.

Last shipping day before I leave to Thailand is July 20th! =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=

Special Summer sale!

Or “Christmas in July” for our southern hemisphere polymer clay folks!

Save 25% on your tutorials purchases this summer!

Whether you buy one class or more, you will save 25% on each and every one!

Here’s what you have to do:

1. Head over to http://www.polypediaonlineexpress.com/shop/

2. Pick what you want: search or use upper menu

3. Use the discount code summersale to get your 25% off on checkout**

If you want to use the coupon again, you can do that as well!

*** Not valid on stencils; Coupon expires on July 21st.

Have fun!

Take care and see you soon,